The name of the brand Jouvence Eternelle is not accidental, because in translation from the French language it means “Eternal Youth”. All formulas for the cosmetics brand created the famous Swiss scientist chemist-biologist Alberto Fauci.

Dr. Alberto Fauci calls the brand Jouvence Eternelle his “younger favorite child”

For many years, Swiss scientists have been studying the influence of the epigenetic factor of plant stem cells on the stem cells of various organs and tissues of the human body.

Plant stem cells are a revolution in modern cosmetology.

They slow the aging of the skin and effectively stimulate the regeneration of tissues due to the influence of the epigenetic factor.

As a result of years of research, modern scientific discoveries, and rich experience and brilliant results, Dr. Alberto Fauci, for the first time in the history of world cosmetology, created non-injectable remedies for restoring skin youth and stopping the aging process called Jouvons Eternelle.

The basis of all means is the innovative PhytoCellTec ™ Alp Rose complex – the patented technology of stem cell cultivation of the Alpine Rose. The creators of this technology are awarded the Nobel Prize.

“I realized long ago that in nature everything is necessary for youth, beauty and health, it remains only to find it, and with the help of knowledge it is possible to translate it into a composition that is convenient and easy to use.” A. Fauchi

“All my life I devoted my scientific work to preserve, prolong and restore the youthfulness of the skin. Women are impatient and want to see a quick result. I managed to create Jouvence Eternelle products with quick safe effect and prolonged action. “A. Fauci

“Cosmetology is blinded by faith in the power of injections. These techniques only temporarily and visually eliminate wrinkles on the surface of the epidermis, exacerbating internal age-related changes. Modern cosmetology does not have faith in its own restorative forces of the organism with the help of unique properties of plants, tk. the results of scientific achievements in this sphere do not apply to the broad media. The theme of photoaging is removed from the minds of women and the year-round protection from sunlight is not associated with the beauty and youth of the skin. To renew the epidermis, aggressive procedures are carried out, causing the stem cell to be stressfully divided, thereby paralyzing it completely, which is reflected by imminent pigment spots on the face as a result of aggressive “rejuvenating” manipulations. At all times, women who protect their faces with the help of a hat and umbrella from photoaging, stayed young longer. It is enough to protect the skin from photoaging – damaging its own stem cells and activating their vital functions – “producing their own building material” of tissues, so that the synthesis of collagen and elastin resumed, a lost turgor appeared and the wilting processes stopped. “

Alberto Fauci.

Jouvence Eternelle is a unique cosmeceutical complex for epigenetic therapy and prophylaxis in the form of pleasant remedies, which has a phenomenal anti-aging effect, activating the renewal and rejuvenation of its own tissues, simultaneously protecting against photoaging and eliminating pigmentation, couperose and wrinkles on the skin of the face, creating a clean, uniform skin texture and porcelain color.