For the first time to use chelated gold in cosmetics began about 10 years ago. His miraculous properties discovered by Japanese scientists. Chelated gold is often called biogold because of the coincidence of electrical currents of the human body with the electrical gold. At the ion level, it helps restore the hydrolytic balance of the skin.

Chelated gold, in contrast to colloidal gold, is combined with amino acids and biologically active substances with the help of a complex technological process. Tiny particles less than microns in size have amazing power in cosmetics.

Chelated gold improves blood microcirculation, promotes skin regeneration, rejuvenates the skin, saturates it with moisture and oxygen, removes toxins and slags, and suppresses inflammatory processes.

Particles of this precious metal have a unique ability – to stimulate the production of collagen, which is responsible for skin turgor and elasticity, as well as its youth.
24-carat chelated gold is part of the Alpine Gold line. Chemist biologist Alberto Fauci used gold to enhance the effectiveness of the unique technology of PhytoCellTecTM Alp Rose, an extract of the stem cell culture of Alpine rose leaves.