14 and 15 of November in Kiev office brand Jouvence Eternelle a seminar in which the doctor-the dermatologist Irina Popova presentation new development of the famous Swiss chemist, biologist Alberto Fauci – biotechnology PhytoCellTecтм AlpRose for the injection-free face lifting and a porcelain complexion – cosmetics Jouvence Eternelle.
The seminar consisted of an information part and a practical part, where all the beauticians were able to experience the phenomenal effect of the Jevons Eternal and see amazing lifting effect after the first procedure.
The information was interesting and useful for practicing cosmetologists.
∙ Main components of youthful skin:
functional activity, nutrition and protection of cells from damaging factors
* Detectors of biological age,
* Antioxidants and physical activity,
∙ Keratinocytes and their functions
* Facial skin injection-free face lifting new method PhytoCellTecтм AlpRose embodied in the brand Jouvence Eternelle [Jevons Eternal].

The event took place-prize lottery for all participants.