Only premium brands allow themselves to include microparticles of precious diamonds into the composition of cosmetic products.

As part of all the products of the Alpine Gem Elixir line from the brand Jouvence Eternelle, diamond powder instantly rejuvenates the skin, providing a turgor, smooth relief and luxurious radiance.

The principle of diamond powder – “here and now” – the smallest particles of a diamond are combined with particles of extracellular fluid in the skin and filled in an organic way – “concrete” the weakened frame. This creates an instant lifting effect and naturally erases 10 years from your face, neck and decollete area, and the smallest particles of precious powder inside this frame, refracting light rays, provide a luxurious glow!

Thus, the Alpine Gem Elixir line from the brand Jouvence Eternelle is an alternative to injection techniques for filling the lost frame, without losing the individuality of the face and without side effects.

The secret of the Alpine Gem Elixir cosmetic line is in a scientific approach and a combination of highly functional components with innovative biotechnologies of a new generation.

All products of the Alpine Gem Elixir line contain Alpine Rose Stem Cell Extract, which provides restoration and restructuring of the epidermis, activates fibroblasts, restoring the synthesis of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans.

The alpine edelweiss extracts, saffron bulbs of golden, Centella Asian, vitamin complex, which are part of the cream, prevent oxidative stress of the skin, normalize the pH level, moisturize the skin, slow down further aging of the skin of the face.