Revolutionary cosmeceutical complex of purifying, antioxidant, lifting, rejuvenating and protective properties.

The cosmetic products represented by the Elpine Cellul line are the basic kit that everyone needs for a beautiful complexion, even tone, perfect texture, elimination and prevention of the formation of the body

Each means of the Elpine cellulay line includes a complex that solves a wide range of problems with the contents of a single vial. It is enough to use a unique complex for daily purification and normalization of the pH level of the acidity of the skin in order to believe in the “miracle”. The main active ingredient and the basis of all the means of the line is the stem cell culture extract of the Alpine rose PhytoCellTec ™ AlpRose. The line includes a system for daily purification and normalization of the acidity level (pH) of the skin at home.

The pearl of the line is a unique complex (mask and cream) for non-injection lifting of the tender zone around the eyes. Provides instant lifting – smooths small facial wrinkles, fills deep, removes swelling, restores elasticity of upper and lower eyelid tissues, brightens dark circles around the eyes, significantly thickens the skin.

Day and night creams compensate for the loss of moisture, give softness and elasticity to the epidermis. Stimulate the regeneration of cells and create an amazing lifting effect. Day cream contains natural sunscreen filters, preventing photoaging. Night cream contains mimic muscle blocking peptides.

The hand cream gently moisturizes and protects the skin without leaving greasy marks and silicone film after application.

The main active ingredients are:

Extract of the stem cell culture of the Alpine rose PhytoCellTec ™ AlpRose,

Extract of cucumber fruits,

Sweet almond oil,


Shea butter,

DNA / RNA hydrolyzate,

Blocking mimic muscle peptides,


Extracts: chamomile, mallow, mimosa, Centella Asiatic, Echinacea, linden,

Rice protein,


Vitamins C, A, E, K.

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