The cosmeceutical complex, revolutionary in modern cosmetology.

Non-alternative lifting and rejuvenating cosmetics for those in the post-menopausal period.

The main active ingredient and the basis of all the means of the line is the stem cell culture extract of the Alpine Rose

PhytoCellTech ™ AlpRose.

The second active ingredient of the Elpine Jem Ilikse cosmetic products for a quick visual lifting effect is the diamond powder.

The principle of “work” of diamond powder is “here and now”. The finest particles of a diamond are connected to the particles of the intercellular fluid in the skin and are filled in an organic way – “concreting” the weakened skeleton. This creates a momentary lifting effect and naturally “erases” 10 years from your face, neck and décolletage, and the tiny particles of precious powder inside this frame, refracting the light rays, provide a luxurious shine of the skin!

The Elpine Jem Ilikse line is an alternative to injection techniques to fill the lost frame without losing face personality and without side effects.

The main active ingredients are:

PhytoCellTec ™ AlpRose Alpine rose leaf stem cell culture extract,

Extract of Edelweiss Alpine,

Soy protein hydrolyzate,

Sun protection filters,



Extract of Centella Asiatic,

Liquorice root,

Vitamins A, E, C,

Extract of a golden saffron bulb,

Diamond powder.

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