At all times, Switzerland was associated with high quality manufactured products. However, the market has recently flooded the “Swiss” cosmetics of a very dubious quality, in which, besides the mention of Switzerland on the label, there is nothing in common with this country that misleads the consumer as to the origin of the goods.

Aware of this problem, major Swiss cosmetic manufacturers have created an association to protect genuine Swiss cosmetic products and provide a guarantee of origin to their customers.

Under the name of the ASSOCIATION FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE ORIGIN OF SWISS COSMETICS (SWISSCOS) a label (SWISS GUARANTEE COS) is used on packaging, in advertising and on members’ promotional material. This label guarantees that what the customer buys is indeed made in Switzerland.

SWISSCOS stands for: 

-Made in Switzerland

-Swiss Members

-Quality and tradition

-Responsibility and reliability

-Exacting production standards

-Research and development

-Reputable brands