Content: 30 ml

SKU: JC021/JC021ST

“Ambulance” for the delicate skin around the eyes. Must be constantly present in the beautician of every woman and man after 30 years.

Eliminates swelling, smoothes fine lines and fills deep facial wrinkles around the eyes. Eliminates ptosis and restores the elasticity of the upper eyelids. Significantly tightens the skin of the periorbital zone. It gives freshness after a sleepless night and (or) after a heavy tearing. It has a prolonged and cumulative effect – eliminates fine wrinkles and reduces by 45% deep creases from facial wrinkles, without blocking facial expressions.

With age-related changes, it is recommended as a “repair”.

The ideal tool for the prevention of age-related changes around the eyes. It is enough to apply once a week, or before an important event.

Included in all salon procedures from Jouvence Eternelle.